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"I worked with Jesse Crafts-Finch on some very critical features for our app. He was able achieve what seemed impossible under hot deadlines. His ownership and follow-through are bar none. He's a great engineer as well as an easy person to work with. His attitude was always positive even on those Saturday evening fire drills. I would work Jesse again in a second."
Rachael Klapko, Director of Production at Game Show Network

Some Companies I've Worked With

Why Clients Hire Me

Large Companies that require assistance meeting a milestone, reducing their bug count, developing a major feature, leading a feature team, or filling in until full-time staff can be hired.
Small and Mid-sized Companies who need an entire game designed, developed, published, and supported.
And Subcontractors who need additional expert staff to service their own clients.

Skills & Experience

Programming Languages

C#, C++, Java, Objective-C, and various ancillary scripting and markup languages related to game and mobile app development.

Game Engines

Mastery of leading game engines such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine 5.

AI Programming

Creating AI systems for non-player characters that can make real-time decisions based on changing game conditions and collaborate with each other to enhance overall gameplay.

AR Development

Deep understanding of developing for major AR development platforms, such as Microsoft Hololens, Hololens 2, and Magic Leap.

Mobile Game Development

Advanced experience in the development, deployment, and support of applications for Android/iOS.

Authorization and Security

Knowledge of the authorization workflow requires to securely authorize users and maintain security across subsequent API calls.

Continuous Integration

Ability to configure and deploy various CI systems including Jenkins and GitLab Workers.


Knowledge of various networking architectures, including required security design, for local and networked multiplayer.

Package & Third Party Libraries

Extensive experience integrating third party packages into projects, managing dependencies, and identifying and solving integration issues.

UI/UX Design

Understanding of user interfaces and user experience design principals for a variety of input types including mobile touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, and gamepads.

Problem Solving

Strong analytical and problem-sovling skills to track down and fix the most complex bugs and performance issues.

Leadership & Project Management

Experience leading teams and managing game development projects. Familiarity with the various production methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall. Excellent ability in communication and conflict resolution.

Cloud Services

Deep understanding of how to integrate applications with a variety of Cloud Services such as Azure and PlayFab creating features leveraging authentication, cloud functions, storage, and in-app purchases.


Don't take it from me. Here is what some of my wonderful clients have to say about my work. I take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Toby Gladwell
Engineering Director at Project Archer
Working with Jesse was an absolute pleasure. He's a thoughtful, intelligent and passionate engineer who brought years of experience to bear on a recent project that needed to be brought in on time. He exceeded expectation, especially in execution of the work and his attention to detail. Jesse felt like a team member despite being remote from day one and he was always available to communicate whether that was pitching in on design feedback, engineering architecture or more. His motivation was infectious, I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance, you won't be disappointed!

Nathan Dube
Executive Marketing Manager at Expert Laser Services LLC.

Jesse is a phenomenal video game creator. He delivered my vision for "Expert Laser Man: The Video Game" ahead of schedule and worked closely with me through out the entire process from story boarding to launch with exquisite professionalism. I highly recommend his work to anyone serious about leveraging video games and gamification in their businesses marketing endeavors.

Mike McKellar
Project Manager & Producer at Game Show Network

I worked with Jesse on Wheel of Fortune Slots: The Ultimate Collection at GSN Games. Jesse is an extremely talented developer, who has the edge when it comes to thinking about the big picture, courtesy of his past experience as a producer. He is an excellent coder, great communicator, and is a lot of fun to work with; which is hugely appreciated! I would 100% recommend Jesse for any software development role, as the man is a rock star! I hope to work with him again in the near future.

Cleveland Bledsoe Jr
Senior Support Engineer at GitLab Inc.
I had the opportunity to work with Jesse at Gorilla Tactics, and he is an absolute blast to work with. He is dedicated, driven, and is fantastic at giving feedback. Always on his toes, Jesse is a professional I would recommend on any project.